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TriRivers begin in 2004 forming as a joint venture between SwedishAmerican Health System in Rockford, IL and FHN, formerly Freeport Health Network in Freeport, IL. The goal was to develop a solid, modern, and cost efficient infrastructure which is needed to support the complex Health IT systems that exist in today’s health care environment.

The result is a highly skilled Health IT organization that has developed high-speed fiber optic networks as well as a full service carrier class telecommunications facility and data center located in Rockford, IL. Today TriRivers not only can provide knowledgeable access to Health Care IT and business applications but also provides fiber/connectivity, hosting/colocation, security, advanced technical services, and access to multiple carrier demarks, that help support the IT needs of private enterprise, municipalities, government, educational institutions and healthcare institutions.

Our Mission is to maximize our customers IT infrastructure investment by providing exceptional, customized data center solutions.


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TriRivers�?alignment with iFiber, the Illinois Rural Health Net and WIN “Wisconsin Independent Network�? as well as their own private investment in fiber can provide customers with private access to high-speed, multi-gigabit networks that can reach North Central and North Western Illinois, Wisconsin, and into North Eastern Iowa. This alignment provides the high-speed telecommunications infrastructure and Internet services needed to support any type of organization as well as any economic development efforts within these regions and beyond.

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TriRivers has years of experience in providing Internet secure technologies from companies like Secure Computing, McAfee, Cisco, and PaloAlto. In addition they have security expertise that extends into functions such as Data Loss Prevention and Security Event and Incident Management capabilities. Whether its security for your applications, providing high speed Internet access, or accessing your contracted hosted solution from somewhere on the Internet you can look to TriRivers for secure firewall management, documentation and auditing services on a one-time or ongoing basis.

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TriRivers data center can offer customized solutions for customers of all sizes to migrate existing technology to our facility with the most current technologies for servers, rack space, applications and monitoring. Hosting your applications within our data center ensures near time colocation capacity and the redundant power, cooling, and security that your IT organization needs. In addition when combined with our fiber / connectivity options, we can provide you with a private network for accessing your applications on your network through our secure data center location.

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A full service telecommunications hotel facility and data center located in Rockford, Illinois, TriRivers can provide fiber / connectivity, hosting / colocation, security, and operational and technical support for your hosted or collocated applications. With the ability to access a variety of carriers TriRivers is a solid solution for a customized data center capability for private enterprise, education, government, educational institutions and health care organizations.

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Healthcare IT Delivery

A hundred years ago, the average person hadn't heard of an x-ray, much less had one done to diagnose an injury. Today, x-rays, CAT scans and MRIs are used every day to help healthcare providers diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.

Today, the traditional plastic film x-ray has given way to images being stored on Picture Archiving Computer Systems (PACS).  Like your own digital camera, PACS store digital image files on a computer. As any digital camera owner knows, storing images on a computer is convenient �?it doesn't require as much space as printed images, and the images are easier to classify and share.  Having an ability to share images among health care providers which involves moving these images to where they are needed is a critical function for care coordination and delivery.

Healthcare Information Technology is progressing just as rapidly �?if not more rapidly �?than imaging technology. Our nation is moving toward digital health information technology that will make it possible for doctors across the country to consult in real-time on difficult or unusual cases. Through its knowledge of health care IT delivery, TriRivers has a thorough understanding of HIPAA requirements as it relates to healthcare industry customers wishing to advance their ability to share medical images and records across multiple points of care.  Through TriRivers Health Information Exchange “HIE�?technology providers can meet the challenging requirements of care coordination.  In addition healthcare industry customers wishing to advance their ability to participate within an HIE or transform their current technology to a system that provides increased response time for patients and service providers benefit through TriRivers regional Health Care infrastructure that has been developed.

TriRivers is a service provider for both the Illinois Rural HealthNET which is a consortium of healthcare and educational organizations, as well as the Illinois iFiber project both of which have implemented high-speed broadband networks that support healthcare providers in Illinois.  With its relationship with WIN, TriRivers can also provide connectivity for healthcare providers in Wisconsin.

Today TriRivers currently supports thousands of users across multiple locations in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  Our expertise and partnerships with a variety of healthcare IT vendors provide our customers with an understanding of critical health care applications.  In addition our integration expertise which has been critical to our HIE development allows us to assist other healthcare organizations in developing complex interfaces, advanced reporting, and other “niche applications�?

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Eaton - Evaluates TriRivers

Eaton is global leader in power management solutions and has helped TriRivers build a customized data center with superior efficiency and scalability to better benefit both TriRivers and it's parent companies, Swedish American Health System and Freeport Health Network.

TriRivers & Eaton Success Story

Eaton and TriRivers Power Reliable Healthcare IT

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